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FLIR ONE and Seek Thermal Comparison Review

Posted by Darryl Mendivil on 14th Sep 2015

FLIR ONE and Seek Thermal Comparison Review

Portable Infrared Cameras for iPhones and Androids

With FLIR releasing the 2nd Generation of FLIR ONE soon, it's time to review what thermal cameras are out in the market.

Infrared cameras have been a staple in many industries; the military uses it to find targets in the dark, research departments to gather data and information, and, most importantly, the industrial business uses these cameras to detect and identify problem areas. With these new portable infrared cameras that attaches to your phones you can reveal many things that were invisible to the naked eye before.

Seek Compact VS FLIR ONE

Seek Thermal released their Seek Compact infrared camera in 2014. They one of the first on the scene to providing the mass a small and affordable portable infrared camera that won't break your wallet. The Seek Compact plugs in directly to your smart phone and doesn't need charging or any software to work on your phone. Its plug and play capability makes it easy for the user to just jump right into using the camera.

FLIR, not to be beaten, also has its own FLIR ONE 1st Generation. The 1st Gen is different in in design as it acts like a phone case and covers up the phone. It was only available for iPhones and the android users were unfortunately left out. However, FLIR is now releasing its FLIR ONE 2nd Generation. Available to the public on October 2015, the 2nd Gen FLIR ONE will be similar in design to the Seek Compact. The FLIR ONE will feature two built-in cameras and an internal battery.

Seek Thermal has a greater temperature range it can sense than the FLIR ONE, but the FLIR ONE has the current edge in software. Both the Seek Compact and the FLIR ONE will have the same price so its up to the user to decide which camera's features will work for them.

Below is a small chart comparing the two cameras:

For more info about the FLIR ONE or Seek Thermal visit the links below.

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