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Buckeye Fixed Gas Detection Systems

  • Buckeye BDSNET

    Buckeye Detection Systems

    Buckeye BDSNET Wireless Systems

    Buckeye BDSNET Wireless Systems "BDSNET" Wireless Monitoring The Buckeye Detection Systems (wireless monitoring) NETwork consists of 1 – 32 battery powered wireless transmitters (BF-CAST) and at least one 32 channel wireless receiver...

  • Buckeye BOP-Q950/960

    Buckeye Detection Systems

    Buckeye SafEye Quasar 950 & 960


    Buckeye BOP-Q950/960 Toxic Open Path Detectors The latest SafEye Quasar Open Path UV detection technology includes the 950 and the 960 series. The Quasar 950 models detect toxic Hydrogen Sulfide gas and the Quasar 960 models detect toxic Ammonia...

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