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Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit w/o Accuro Pump

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Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit w/o Accuro Pump

The Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit is based on the Simultaneous Test Sets I, II & III. These specially designed 5-tube sets are used to detect gases and vapors generated as the result of a structural fire or emitted from a chemical leak or spill.

The HazMat Simultest does not require a complex, confusing matrix card to determine what gases and vapors are present in the ambient air. Each semi-quantitative test takes one minute or less to conclude, therefore the complete testing time to identify ten gases and five organic chemical families is less than 5 minutes. An Air Current Kit is included to help determine relative wind direction and intensity. 

Because no power source is required and the tubes are pre-calibrated, the HazMat Simultest Kit is always ready for use in emergency response situations. Training requirements are minimized as all 3 Test Sets have identical instructions for use.  Laminated full color instruction cards are supplied to provide a quick reference on the simple sampling procedures and accurate interpretation of results. The kit requires minimal maintenance.

The HazMat Simultest Kit  without a pump includes:
Pump spare parts, (3) HazMat Simultest Set I, (3) HazMat Simultest Set II, (4) HazMat Simultest Set III, 1-meter extension hose with adapter, simultaneous test set opener, individual tube opener, air current kit and laminated instruction cards that have full color graphics making interpretation of tubes quick and easy.  A rugged Pelican carrying case protects the kits contents.

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