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Flir A400 Complete Smart Sensor Camera System

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Flir A400 Complete Smart Sensor Camera System


Flir A400 Complete Smart Sensor Camera System


Flir A400 (320 × 240) Complete Smart Sensor Camera System

(Elevated Body Temperature Software Included)

  • EBT Screening Information (click here)
  • The FLIR A400/A700-Series, when configured for Smart Sensor capabilities, offer advanced thermal imaging paired with edge computing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) for simplified inclusion in new or existing networks. With multiple field-of-view choices, motorized focus control, and unrivaled network connectivity, these automation cameras can tackle the most complex remote monitoring, alarming, and analytics objectives. Automation system solution providers get a running start with a camera that is easy to add, configure, and operate in HMI/SCADA systems. FLIR A400/A700-Series cameras can be used for a wide range of applications, including screening for elevated skin temperature as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools, monitoring critical infrastructure, assessing product quality, or detecting potential signs of heat build-up.

  • Elevated Body Temperature Example
  • Complete System Includes:
*A400 Thermal Core (86000-0000)
*IR lens, f=17mm (24°) (T300240)
*Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) Bundle (T300345)
    *Smart Sensor Config (T300312)
    *Avanced Config with EST Screening Mode (T300293)
    *FLIR Axxx Accessory Kit (T300216)
    *Visual Camera w/MSX (T300295)
*WiFi Module incl. Antenna (T911850)
*IP hood for lens (T300075ACC)*
*Hard case for FLIR A400/A700 series (T300163)*
*FLIR Connector cap kit (T300202)*
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