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FLIR A615 (Multi Lens, 640x480, -20° to 2000°C)

$18,995.00 - $24,995.00
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FLIR A615 (Multi Lens, 640x480, -20° to 2000°C)

$18,995.00 - $24,995.00

FLIR A615 (Multi Lens, 640x480, -20° to 2000°C)

$18,995.00 - $24,995.00

FLIR A615 (Multi Lens, 640x480, -20° to 2000°C )

FDA Approved K033967

The FLIR A315 / A615 targets automation applications, and is a perfect instrument for industries which rely on permanent monitoring of fast moving objects or monitoring of rapid temperature changes. FLIR A315 / A615 infrared cameras also comply with standards like GigE Vision and GenICam. Due to its compliance to standards, the FLIR A315 / A615 infrared camera is a Plug&Play device within third parties' machine vision software like NIs IMAQ VisionTM and the MVTecs HalconTM.


GigE Vision™ standard compatibility
An industry first. GigE Vision is a new camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol. GigE Vision is the first standard to allow for fast image transfer using low cost standard cables even over long distances. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.

GenICam™ protocol support
An industry first. The goal of GenICam is to provide a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras. Regardless of interface technology (GigE Vision, Camera Link, 1394 DCAM, etc.) or features implemented, the application programming interface (API) will always be the same. The GenICam protocol also makes third party software being possible to use with the camera.

640x480 pixels
The FLIR A615 has a resolution pixel detector of 640x480 pixels that allows more accuracy and shows more details at a longer distance.

High speed infrared windowing
The FLIR A615 has a high speed infrared windowing option.

Image flow control
Let an external signal control the image streaming.

High sensitivity < 50 mK
< 50 mK thermal sensitivity captures the finest image details and temperature difference information.

Built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection
Real time 16-bit image streaming to computer.

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