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FLIR T1020 IR Camera 1024 x 768 Resolution/30Hz + UltraMax (2048x1536) and FLIR Tools+

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FLIR T1020 with 45° Lens


Born out of five decades of infrared expertise, the FLIR T1K is designed for thermography experts who need the highest quality without compromise. Designed and built by FLIR, the OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system provides unsurpassed image clarity, detail, and temperature accuracy, from wide angle to telephoto. With its dynamic focus control, continuous auto focus, and responsive user interface, the T1K definitely raises the bar on user-friendly performance. Its rugged, ergonomic design and rotating optical block take the stress out of a day-long list of inspections, making it easier to scan at difficult angles. For the sharpest results, the truest temperatures, the most flexibility – the T1K delivers the quality an expert like you expects from experts like us.

Exceptional Measurement Performance

When you need the most accurate temperature measurements, from wide angle to telephoto
• The FLIR OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system lets you take accurate measurements from 2x as far away
• Continuous autofocus mode keeps pace with your movements
• Advanced OSX optical system ensures accurate measurements in extreme conditions
• Unique optical path eliminates error from heat sources outside the field of view


Outstanding Image Clarity

An extraordinarily sensitive detector, enhanced by the processing power of UltraMax™
• 1024 x 768 detector offers the best resolution of any FLIR hand-held camera
• Exceptional thermal sensitivity of < 0.02°C at +30°C, 2x better than the industry standard
• UltraMax™ super-resolution quadruples the pixel count up to 3.1 MP, for fi ner detail and accuracy
• MSX® embosses visual details on the thermal image

Features and User Interface Designed for the Expert

Compact design, responsive user interface, and instant report generation make your workday easier and more productive
• Programmable buttons allow you to configure the camera to fit your work flow
• Dynamic focus control adjusts to your touch so you can dial in images perfectly
• Radiometric recording captures full resolution, full-frame video for comprehensive analysis
• One-click Rapid Report™ generation lets you share images and findings fast


See how the Bat Conservation Trust is using the T1020 to monitor environmental impact on bat populations in the UK:

- 2 Years parts and labor coverage on the camera
- 5 Years coverage on the battery
- 10 Years coverage on the detector – the most vital part of the whole camera