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Gas Detection Pumps

  • Draeger X-act 5000 Basic


    Draeger X-act 5000 Basic

    Description Resource Information Draeger X-act 5000 Basic The automatic tube pump Dräger X-act® 5000 Basic is the all-in-one solution designed for measurements with Dräger short-term tubes and for sampling tubes and...

  • Sale
    QRAE 3 integrated wireless option allows the device to be used either in a closed loop system (compatible with EchoView host) or with ProRAE Guardian, Real-Time Wireless Safety System.

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems QRAE 3

    $857.44 - $1,305.48

    QRAE 3 QRAE 3 wireless portable one-to-four gas personal protection / confined space monitors The QRAE 3 is a durable and versatile diffusion or pumped one-to-four gas monitor for detection of combustibles, oxygen, hydrogensulfide, carbon monoxide,...

  • rae-lp-1200-hand-pump

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump


    RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump The LP-1200 Hand Pump makes it easy to manually measure the presence of toxic and combustible gases. This hand-powered pump works seamlessly with RAE Systems colorimetric tubes. The ergonomic, durable device features a...

  • RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump Kit-1

    RAE Systems

    RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump Kit


    RAE Systems Piston Hand Pump Kit The RAE systems Piston Hand Pump is a small, simple gas-analysis device. Simply draw a fixed volume of air and analyze it with a colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes. Air reacts to chemicals within these tubes, producing a...

  • pump-with-tube-draeger


    Draeger Accuro Pump 6400000


    Description Resource Information Draeger Accuro Pump The accuro® gas detector pump is a manually operated bellows pump that draws a calibrated 100 milliliter sample through the short-term Draeger-Tubes. Features: One-Hand...

  • Draeger Hard-Side Accuro Pump Kit


    Draeger Hard-Side Accuro Pump Kit


    Draeger Hard-Side Accuro Pump Kit The Draeger Accuro Manual Pump Hard Case Kit gives you everything you need to use Draeger's famous detector tubes to read levels of harmful gases. In addition to the manual bellows-style pump you get a spare parts kit,...

  • kitagawa-Pump-Kit

    Kitagawa America

    Kitagawa Air Sampling Pump Kit

    $440.00 - $460.00

    Air Sampling Pump Kit The AP-20 Sampling Pump is now available in four different colors (blue, red, green and yellow). All are designed with the same contoured Antibacterial Grip, Integral Tube Tip Cutter and Flow Finish Indicator. Features...

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