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Honeywell Midas-M Extractive Gas Detector

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Honeywell Midas-M Extractive Gas Detector


Honeywell Midas-M Extractive Gas Detector

Extractive 4-in-1 Midas-M transmitters operate with Midas-M sensor cartridges, for
use as a local gas detector. Transmitters are powered by 24VDC or via Power over
Ethernet (PoE). Midas provides 0-22 mA analog or Modbus/TCP Ethernet as
outputs. Integral general relays for A1, A2 and fault are included, and may be
configured normally open or normally closed, latching or non-latching. Transmitters
include Manual, Quick Start Guide, and (1) PG16 gland fitting for power in and
relays out, 1/4” O.D.x 1/8” I.D. Sample Inlet tubing (10’) [3m], 1/4” O.D x 3/16” I.D.
Exhaust tubing (10’) [3m], and a sample line tubing duct adapter (1283K1090).
Generation 2 features a multi-colored backlight to indicate status.

Order the following parts for a complete Midas ® System:
1. Midas-M
2. Sensor Cartridge
3. Sample and Exhaust tubing
4. End of line filters

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