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The MS35K Pro is a 24/7 high-speed quality control camera.  Review image files quickly for line jams and trouble shooting.  LED lighting is built in with simple one wire power connection.  Lens and Data Control for up to 8 high speed cameras.

Features Include:

  • Gig E IP 67 cameras with built in high power LED lighting
  • 31 day recording rates of up to 1000 fps
  • Locking Front Panel
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Design
  • Several Focal length Lens Options
Sensor type Color or monochrome CMOS sensor determined at time of order.
Image sizes User defined from software pre-sets or custom selections.
Maximum Resolution 2300 x 1700.
Minimum resolution

64 x 2.

Maximum speed 1300  fps
Pixel size 7  micron x 7 micron square pixel.
Shutter speed Global shutter 2 us to 30 ms in 1 us steps with exposure time tags.
Spectral response 400nm to 1000nm.
ISO 12,500 monochrome,  8,000 color.
A-D converter 10 bit.
Trigger in requirement 3 to 48 VDC, active high through BNC jack. Center pin positive.
Strobe out TTL 3.3 VDC via BNC jack. Center pin positive active high on exposure.
Trigger  modes Software trigger or by external hardware trigger source.
Editing software Image analysis, data acquisition, object tracking, AVI editing & MP4 image compression.
File saving User can save in RAW, AVI, JPEG, BMP, TIF, PNG or MP4 format to DVR  hard drive.
Control software Mega Speed DVR Control software
Video live-view Live 30 fps preview to DVR cart’s 24” stainless steel monitor during set up and recording.
DVR memory 6 Tera Bytes video storage.  512 GB SSD for the DVR operating system.
Video  recording Camera streams real time video to the DVR even while previously saved video is being reviewed.
Event tagging Captured video files can be sorted &  marked manually or with an external hardware trigger.
Video Review Video review, editing and playback can be done at anytime when DVR is recording real time video.
DVR system Windows 10
Networking Gigabit Ethernet cables, switches and connections are used connecting the camera to the DVR cart.
Camera cable Cat 6 Ethernet cable from cameras to DVR cart. 25 ft is normal length. 50 ft is optional.
Lens mount Standard “C” mount. “F” mount, “G” mount and electronic lens are all available as an option.
Camera body Machined anodized aluminum.
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