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Infratec ImageIR 9400 Thermography Camera

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Infratec ImageIR 9400 Thermography Camera

Infratec ImageIR 9400 Termography Camera

Europe’s leading specialist for infrared
sensors and measurement technology

Cooled FPA photon detector with (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels
Opto-mechanical MicroScan with (2,560 × 2,048) IR pixels
Available with high-speed mode thanks to binning technology
Snapshot detector, integrated trigger interface
Thermal resolution up to 0.02 K
Extremely short integration times in the microsecond range
Pixel size with microscopic lens up to 1.3 μm
Made in Germany

To analyse the thermal behavior of objects and processes from a wide variety of perspectives InfraTec introduces ImageIR® 9400.
The camera is equipped with a new generation cooled focal-plane array photon detector that provides a format of
(1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels. Besides the standard mode users can choose a high-speed mode utilising binning technology. Due
to a reduced number of pixels but the same field of view (FOV) this enables very high frame rates up to 622 Hz and an excellent
thermal resolution at the same time.
ImageIR® 9400 was developed for demanding operations in research and development, non-destructive testing and process
monitoring. Its modular structure, which consists of optical, detector and interface modules, makes it easily adaptable to
the respective application.
An integrated trigger interface guarantees a repeatable high-precision triggering of quick procedures. Multiple configurable
digital in- and outputs serve as control ports for the camera or as generator of control signals for external devices. The
optical channel consists of exchangeable infrared lens systems as well as application-
specific apertures, filters and optical elements. The exchangeable radiometric
precision lenses of the ImageIR® 9400 can be combined with a motorised focus
unit, which is operated from the camera‘s application software. It allows quick, pre-
cise and remotely controllable motorised focusing.

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