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Optris Xi 80 Spot IR Camera

Pricing starting at $1150, for formal quote complete application sheet below
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Optris Application Sheet

5.00 LBS

Compact spot finder IR camera Xi 80

Order Includes: Process imager Xi, USB cable (1 m), Cable for output/input (1 m) incl. terminal block, Mounting bracket with nut, Software package optris® PIX Connect

A Hybrid Design

The newly developed optris Xi 80 combines the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. The Xi 80 is a fusion between a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The autonomous operation with automatic spot finder function as well as the direct analog output and the affordable price make up a perfect match for the OEM use of the rugged industrial imager.

A full 80x80 thermal image eliminates the hunt for the hot spot and tedious positioning required with single spot temperature sensors. The integrated spot finder function will identify the hottest (or coldest) spot in the image and automatically communicate these measurements without an external PC.

A wide range of optics including the new 80° lens equips the Xi 80 to collect and analyze temperature information over a wide target area.  The affordable pricing for this unit makes it a realistic alternative to replace existing spot temperature sensors or for OEM applications.

Key Features:

  • Small sized rugged camera with motorized focus
  • Distance-to-spot-size ratio up to 190:1
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder
Detector FPA, uncooled (34 µm pitch)
Optical resolution 80 x 80 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 - 13 µm
Temperature ranges -20 °C...100 °C
0 °C...250 °C
(20) 150 °C...900 °C 1)
Frame rate 50 Hz
Optics 12° (f = 12.7)
30° (f = 5.1)
55° (f = 3.1)
80° (f = 2.3)
Focus Manual motor focus
Distance-to-spot ratio 190:1 (12° optics)
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 100 mK
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% (whichever is greater)
Repeatability ±1 °C or ±1 %
PC interface USB 2.0 / Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) / PoE / RS485 2)
Direct output/input 1x analog output (0/4-20 mA) / 1x input (analog or digital); optically isolated
Process interface (PIF) 3x analog outputs (0/4–20 mA or 0–10 V) or alarm OUT (relays) / 3x inputs (analog or digital) / fail-safe (LED and relay); stackable up to 3 PIFs; optically isolated
Ambient temperature (TAmb) 0°C...50°C
Enclosure (size / rating) 36 mm x 90 mm (M30x1 thread) / IP 67 (NEMA 4)
Weight 185 g
Shock / vibration IEC 60068-2 3)
Tripod mount 1/4-20 UNC
Cable length USB: 1 m (standard), 3m, 5 m, 10 m and 20 m
Ethernet / RS485: 100 m
Power supply USB / PoE / 5-30 VDC
1) Accuracy statement effective from 150 °C
2) Direct out- and inputs are not available when using the RS485 interface
3) For more details see operator's manual