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Si124 Industrial Ultrasound Imaging Camera

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Si124 Industrial Ultrasound Imaging Camera


Si124 Industrial Ultrasound Imaging Camera 


In typical industrial environments, loud background noise makes it difficult
to hear leaks. The Si124 produces precise acoustic images that display
ultrasonic information, filtering out the industrial noise and allowing the user to “visualize” sound in noisy

Compressed air is one of the largest areas of electricity usage for manufacturers; up to one-third of that
compressed air is lost to leaks and inefficiencies. Using the Si124, manufacturers can reduce costs by
locating air, gas, and vacuum leaks, and making necessary repairs to reduce wasted energy. Considering
that compressed air is the single most expensive energy source across all factory types, finding leaks and
quantifying the leak rate using the Si124 helps minimize excess costs of utilities or parts replacement.

In electrical systems, partial discharge or corona can lead to equipment failures and unplanned downtime.
With the Si124, users can analyze partial discharge pattern and classify partial discharge type to improve
the reliability of their electrical systems. Users can scan from a distance up to 100 m (328 ft) to pinpoint
the source of the problem. The camera classifies three types including surface discharge, floating
discharge, and discharge into air. Knowing the type and severity of the discharge enables the facility to
schedule maintenance to minimize failures and downtime.

The Si124 is an easy inspection tool that requires minimal training, optimizing staff time, so users can
instantly classify the severity of pressurized leaks or determine partial discharge types to improve
reliability of electrical systems. Equipped with the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service, this smart
tool automatically saves images to the cloud, allowing users to upload, store, and backup data, as well as
create reports and conduct deep analysis.

 Lightweight, one-handed operation
 Locate pressurized air leaks or partial discharge
 124 low-noise MEMS microphones, real-time sound visualization
 Frequency range that covers audible and ultrasound (2 kHz to 31 kHz)
 Upload measurements to the cloud for storing and analysis

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