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Amprobe AMB-110 Industrial High-Voltage Insulation Tester

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Amprobe AMB-110 Industrial High-Voltage Insulation Tester


Amprobe AMB-110 Industrial High-Voltage Insulation Tester

  • Test insulation of wires, cables, transformers, motors, surge arrestors and generators
  • Selectable testing voltages – one testing instrument for low and high voltage systems from 500 V to 10,000 V with 25 V increments
  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 10TΩ
    • R(t) graph – Real time resistance against time graph plotting facility to graphically illustrate the response of a material to an applied test voltage
    • User selectable Programmable Timer (1s to 99 min)
    • Automatic discharge of test object after completion of measurement
    • Capacitance Measurement
  • Diagnostic toolsStep voltage test – Insulation resistance will be measured at five different, equality sequenced test voltages for in-depth insulation system diagnostic
    • Polarization index (PI)
    • Dielectric discharge (DD)
    • Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) with automated resistance ranging (AR)
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