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Bi-Spectral PTZ Thermal and Optical

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Bi-Spectral PTZ Thermal and Optical

From substation monitoring to fire management, the Bi-Spectral Mile PTZ has the
ability to monitor real time conditions and collect temperature data for future analysis.



  • High resolution 640 x 512 thermal module
  • 4mp optical lens
  • Fire detection distance (1*1m): 1042 m
  • Detection Human (1.8*0.5m): 1040 m
  • Detection Vehicle (4*1.5m): 3194 m
  • 50mm Focal Length
  • Object Temperature Range: - 4 °F to 302 °F,  32 °F to 1022 °F
  • Temperature Measurement at user-defined points, lines, and areas
  • Min/Max and Average Temperature Data Points
  • < 40 mK High Temp Measurement
  • User defined Color Alarm for above, between, and below object temperatures

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