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Thermal Cameras

  • 50mm-thermal-ptz

    Infrared Inspection Systems

    Bi-Spectral PTZ Thermal and Optical


    From substation monitoring to fire management, the Bi-Spectral Mile PTZ has theability to monitor real time conditions and collect temperature data for future analysis. Features: High resolution 640 x 512 thermal module 4mp optical...

  • Flat-Infrared-Camera

    Infrared Inspection Systems

    Mini Bi-Spectral Thermal and Optical (magnetic)

    Infrared Inspection Systems magnetic bi-spectrum card camera. No mounting needed on metal surfaces. Perfect for tight spaces such as junction boxes, server rooms, wind generation and more. Features: Bi Spectrum: optical and radiometric...

  • IIS-Mini_PTZ

    Infrared Inspection Systems

    Bi Spectral Mini PTZ 640x512


    Infrared Inspections systems IIS-BPTM6451-F25 thermal imaging PTZ camera with built in graphics processing, real-time reporting, and built-in alarm system. It can be applied to fire pre-vention purposes such as transformer substations, mass transit,...

  • Infrared and Optical Bullet Camera

    Infrared Inspection Systems

    Infrared and Optical Bullet Camera


    Infrared Inspection Systems Bullet Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras are perfect for asset monitoring and perimeter security. Powerful onboard analytics can detect human and vehicle intrusions. Radiometric Infrared can detect objects even in the no light...

  • miu-trailer

    Infrared Inspection Systems

    Substation and Security Monitoring Trailer

    The IIS MIU is a rapid deployment thermal monitoring system designed for a multitude of applications. From substation monitoring to fire management, the MIU gives customers the ability to monitor real time conditions and collect temperature data for...

  • iis-truck-mounted-ptz

    Infrared Inspection Systems

    IIS Vehicle Mounted PTZ System

    Infrared Inspection Systems vehicle mounted PTZ system with optical and infrared live streams, PTZ control, recordings, snapshots, and reports. Powerful analytic and reporting software. We custom fit your vehicle with mounting, lighting, networking,...

  • Planck_Vision_TNC200_Pro_Front

    Planck Vision Systems

    TNC200 Pro Dual Vision Thermal Camera

    Description Resource Information Planck Vision TNC200 Pro Dual Vision Thermal Networking Camera Introducing the TNC200 Series fixed-mount temperature monitoring camera with thermal & visible sensors. The onboard analytics of the...

  • Fluke TI450 Pro Like New Demo Unit


    Fluke TI450 Pro (Like New Demo Unit!)

    Product overview: Fluke Ti450 PRO Infrared Camera (LIKE NEW) Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera delivers focus near and far in one image with MultiSharp™ Focus With the Fluke Ti450, you no longer have to worry about focus. MultiSharp™ Focus...

  • Optris Optris Pi 05M IR Camera


    Optris Pi 05M IR Camera


    Order Includes: USB camera with 1 lens, USB cable (1 m) (3.3 ft), PIF cable (1 m) (3.3 ft) incl. terminal block, Aluminum case, Lens protection tube incl. protective window, Table tripod, Software package Optris PIX Connect, Optional: Cooling Jacket,...

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