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COVID-19 EBT Screening System Recommendations

Posted by Troy Goss on 30th Apr 2020

IntroductionIn light of the on-going COVID-19, pandemic agencies and businesses are starting to consider how to reopen and keep people safe as they begin the process of returning to a relatively normal life. Currently, many companies and health care facilities are turning to thermal imaging as a means of screening people while keeping their employees at a safe distance. Utilizi …
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COVID-19 Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Montioring

Posted by Troy Goss on 26th Mar 2020

IntroductionThe spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has encouraged people and organizations to take steps to reduce the spread of this highly infectious disease. Many are turning to thermal imaging as a non-contact method of rapidly screening for people with a fever, a symptom of infection. In this application, thermal imagers detect elevated body temperatures, which is an indicat …
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Thermography 101

Posted by Troy Goss on 7th Aug 2019

The Basics of Infrared ThermographyIntroductionInfrared Thermography is a process in which a camera detects infrared energy emitted from objects, converts that information into a temperature and displays an image illustrating those temperatures. Infrared is a term that many might be familiar with, but do not fully grasp. We wanted to help people understand what infrared thermog …
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