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IR thermometer Optris CTlaser 3M for Metals

$980.00 - $1,130.00
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IR thermometer Optris CTlaser 3M for Metals

$980.00 - $1,130.00

IR thermometer Optris CTlaser 3M for Metals

$980.00 - $1,130.00

IR thermometer optris CTlaser 3M for measurement of metals with low temperatures

The infrared thermometer optris CTlaser 3M is perfectly suited for measurements of low metal temperatures and composite materials. It offers a temperature range between 50°C and 1,800°C and can be employed in up to 85°C without additional cooling.

Due to its extremely short response time of 1 ms, the highly efficient IR thermometer allows the surveillance of fast processes and measures reliably and precisely even on smallest measuring fields of up to 0.7 mm. Selectable outputs and various digital interfaces offer a high variability for the evaluation of the measured data.

Key Features:

Temperature range: 50°C to 1,800°C
Spectral range: 2.3 µm
Response time: 1 ms


OPTCTL3ML CTlaser 3ML: 50-400 °C/ 2,3 µm/ 60:1/ 1 ms

...FF 60 mm @ 3600 mm
...SF 18,3 [email protected] 1100 mm
...CF1 1,4 [email protected] 85 mm
...CF2 2,5 [email protected] 150 mm
...CF3 3,3 [email protected] 200 mm
...CF4 7,5 [email protected] 450 mm

OPTCTL3MH CTlaser 3MH: 100-600 °C/ 2,3 µm/ 100:1/ 1 ms

...FF 36 [email protected] 3600 mm
...SF 11 [email protected] 1100 mm
...CF1 0,85 [email protected] 85 mm
...CF2 1,5 [email protected] 150 mm
...CF3 2 [email protected] 200 mm
...CF4 4,5 [email protected] 450 mm

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