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Optris CSlaser G5 HF (200-1450 °C)

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Optris CSlaser G5 HF (200-1450 °C)


Optris CSlaser G5 HF (200-1450 °C)


Optris CSlaser G5 HF

IR thermometer Optris CSlaser G5 HF for temperature measurement of glass surfaces

The infrared thermometer Optris CSlaser G5 HF has been specifically designed for temperature measurement of flat glass, container glass, lightbulbs, vehicle glass, and solar cells.

Its standardized two-wire interface provides a reliable measuring data transmission and allows for an easy integration of temperature sensors. The IR thermometer is additionally equipped with an innovative double laser visor for a precise marking of the measuring spot. A variety of optics ensures high adaptability with diverse applications.

Important specifications:

  • Temperature range: 200°C to 1,650°C (392 °F to 3002 °F)
  • Spectral range: 5 µm
  • Response time: 30 ms


The IR thermometer CSlaser G5 HF, with a spectral range of 5.0 µm has been designed for temperature measurement of glass surfaces. The pyrometer is highly popular in the production of flat glass, vehicle glass and even solar cells and constantly provides exact and reliable results.

Optris CSlaser G5 Datasheet

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