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Test & Measurement

  • Optris Optris CTvideo front


    Optris CTvideo


    Description Resource Information The new Optris video pyrometers CTvideo 1M / 2M allow a parallel use of video and crosshair laser aiming for an optimal measuring field adjustment even in processes with limited access. It reliably measures...

  • Optris Optris CTratio Pyrometer thermal


    Optris CTratio Pyrometer

    $2,500.00 - $3,425.00

    Description Resource Information Video pyrometer with adjustable focus for high-temperature measurement of metals The new Optris video pyrometers CTvideo 1M / 2M allow a parallel use of video and crosshair laser aiming for an optimal...

  • Optris Optris P20 Pyrometer


    Optris P20 Pyrometer

    $1,220.00 - $2,010.00

    Description Resource Information Pyrometer optris P20 Infrared thermometer gun The portable IR thermometer optris P20 LT offers a broad temperature range from 0°C up to 1,300°C (32°F up to 2,372°F), making it optimally...

  • Optris CTlaser


    Optris CTlaser 1M/2M


    Infrared thermometer Optris CTlaser LT Precise focussing and noncontact temperature measurement The infrared thermometer Optris CTlaser LT allows for exact temperature measurement on smallest objects from 0,9 mm at a distance of...

  • Optris Optris CS Pyrometer


    Optris CS Pyrometer LT


    Optris CS Pyrometer LT Inexpensive IR pyrometers are perfectly suited for OEM solutions. They also work ideally for multiple employments of infrared measurement points. Infrared pyrometer optris CS LT is perfectly suited for temperature measurement...

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