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IRISS IR Window 4"; Opaque Polymer w/ Cover & Ultrasound Port [CAP-C-4-US]

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IRISS IR Window 4"; Opaque Polymer w/ Cover & Ultrasound Port [CAP-C-4-US]


IRISS IR Window 4" - CAP-C Series

Opaque Polymer with Locking Cover and Ultrasound Port

The CAP-4 infrared window equipped with a versatile port for ultra sound inspections is the ideal way to identify electrical faults. Industiral applications require solutions that meet numerous criteria where safety and performance are of the upmost importance. To accommodate this demand, IRISS took their transparent, CAP-CT-4 and opaque, CAP-C-4 and added the benefits of ultrasound (US) inspection to the window.

The award-winnning, CAP-4-US comes equipped with a square 4" IR window and an US port both on one easy-to-install panel. The viewing area of the CAP-4-US offers a 30% increase in FOV over round windows but also provides a method for accessing quality acoustics data that easily identififies potentially hazardous faults such as arcing, tracking and corona in electircal distribution sstems and switchgear.

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