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Fluke Ti480 Pro Thermal Imager (640 x 480 +SR) @60Hz

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Fluke Ti480 Pro Thermal Imager (640 x 480 +SR) @60Hz

Fluke Ti480 Pro Thermal Imager

Key Features:

  • Rugged, lightweight, ergonomic one-handed pistol-grip w/ 3.5” LCD (640 x 480)
  • IR Resolution: 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels) @60Hz
  • SuperResolution: 1280 x 960 (1,228,800 pixels)
  • Standard and Radiometric IR video recording
  • 34° x 24° FOV (0.93 mRad)
  • Available 2x, 4x Telephoto and Wide-angle Smart Lens options
  • -20 °C to +800 °C (-4 °F to +1472 °F) ≤ 0.05 °C at 30 °C (50 mK)
  • High/Low Temp & Configurable-range Color Alarms
  • MultiSharp™ Focus, LaserSharp® Auto Focus, and advanced manual focus
  • AutoBlend® IR-Fusion® overlay & Picture-in-Picture Modes
  • Text and Voice Annotations (60 sec per image, Bluetooth® headset compatible)
  • IR-PhotoNotes™ Annotations (5 PhotoNotes per image)
  • Video streaming to Android, iOS, PC, and monitor via WiFi, USB, or HDMI
  • Remote Control w/ Fluke Connect® for Android, iOS, and PC

FLUKE Lenses lead the industry in precision and reliability

Leading World-Class Optics

Fluke uses only 100% diamond-turned germanium lenses covered with a specialty coating. This is the most efficient available material to transmit energy to the detector to produce high quality infrared images.

Professional Smart Lenses

See all the details you need with professional-grade field-swappable smart lenses. Telephoto, Wide-angle, and Macro lenses are easily interchangeable by the end user whenever they need them, wherever they want them, no calibration necessary! Whether you need to inspect a distant transformer, a building interior, or a printed circuit board, Fluke has the lens for you.

Advanced Thermal Blending

FLUKE IR Fusion blends thermal infrared and visual images to preserve details in the infrared image


Image quality is everything when it comes to quickly analyzing infrared images. You need the right level of detail in your infrared image to pinpoint specific areas of concern. Fluke IR cameras blend visible light and infrared images using patented IR-Fusion® technology to capture a clear 5MP real-world picture of your target that allows you to visually match problem spots on the screen to physical objects. Choose from a range of presets or input your own ratio to control how heavily infrared data is overlaid into the image. Blend at these preset levels and add picture-in-picture (PIP) to capture an incredibly revealing hybrid image. Choose the opacity of the thermal overlay to preserve text, labels, and fine details in your thermal image for easy identification and analysis back at the office.

FLUKE Color Alarm technology uses user-specified temperature bands to paint problem areas in infrared color for quick issue spotting

Color Alarms

All Fluke cameras from the TiS40 up offer user-selectable high and/or low apparent temperature color alarms to quickly highlight areas that are outside of the normal temperature range. On Fluke infrared cameras, when you scan the area with the color alarms activated you see a visible light image of everything outside the high and low parameters. Anything inside of those temperatures appears in infrared. This feature gives you a quick indication of where issues might be so you can drill down into those areas.

Convenient Annotations

Capture all the information you need to collect on the first go and avoid return trips to the inspection site with assistive note-taking technologies from Fluke. For quick, comprehensive note-taking in the field attach audio voice annotations of up to 60 seconds to your thermal shots, even when your hands are full or you find yourself in cramped conditions. Record voice with the built-in onboard microphone or with a Bluetooth® headset and review them at any time right from the camera.


You never worry about missing critical details during an inspection if you have high-resolution photographic documentation of the inspection site. With Fluke, there is no need to juggle a digital camera along with your inspection tools when you can combine visual and infrared imaging into one device! IR-PhotoNotes™ enables you to snap additional visual images with your infrared shots to document environmental conditions and capture equipment and location information for better diagnosis. All PhotoNotes™ images are automatically organized and paired with your infrared image for later review.

Premier Focus Technologies

Getting in-focus images can be painstaking with manual focus systems, and some autofocus systems may not focus on your desired target. Fluke Professional and Expert Series cameras include some of the most innovative focus technologies available.

FLUKE MultiSharp™ technology provides sharp, in-focus clarity at all depths of field in one image


Capture a clear, accurate image focused throughout the field of view with MultiSharp™ Focus.

The physics of optical focusing determine that you can only focus on one object at a time. If you focus a camera on a person in a crowd you will get sharp imagery of them, but the person behind them will be somewhat blurry, and the person 10 meters back will be distinctly out of focus. Cutting-edge MultiSharp™ technology from Fluke solves this problem by automatically snapping a group of pictures focused at various distances to ensure all the objects you wish to analyze are captured clearly. Simply point and shoot—the camera automatically processes the stack of images focused near and far. Be sure your images will be focused and high-quality when you go back to the office to view them, even when working outdoors with glare on your screen makes it hard to check focus quality.

FLUKE LaserSharp® technology allows you to precisely focus on the exact item you want to measure for best temperature accuracy


If your image is out of focus, temperature measurements could be off by up to 20 degrees or more. Getting crisp images in manual focus takes time and careful attention. Patented LaserSharp® Auto Focus with laser driven target detection gives you an in-focus image of your designated target with the push of a button. The built-in laser distance meter instantly calculates and displays the distance to your target, and the focus engine immediately adjusts the focus, disregarding intermediate objects. This technology allows you to capture tight, clean data on your target even through barriers like chain link or light foliage.


It's time to see what you're missing.

Instantly capture highly detailed images and start analysis while still in the field. See incredible detail from a distance or extremely close up. SuperResolution mode, available when viewed in Fluke Connect® software, lets you see HD resolution with up to 4x the on-camera standard resolution. Internal SuperResolution software automatically snaps multiple sequential images and interpolates the data to parse out fine details not clearly visible in one image alone. The combined image contains 4x as many pixel datapoints as the original resolution (2x as wide, 2x as tall).

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