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Honeywell SPM Flex Unit & Chemcassette Tapes

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Honeywell SPM Flex Unit & Chemcassette Tapes


Honeywell SPM Flex Unit & Chemcassette Tapes


Honeywell SPM Flex

The SPM Flex, the next evolution of our SPM and TLD gas Detectors with Chemcassette tape
technology, is capable of working as both a fixed and a portable unit. The monitor detects the
ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations, including hydrides, mineral acids and amines.

Chemcassette tape technology shows the presence of gas quickly and definitively with a
physical record. So you can prevent costly downtime from false alarms.

Features & Benefits

  • Visible at a distance with crisp, colorful LED bar on top of unit
  • Remote viewing through the web
  • Stands up to harsh conditions

Chemcassette Tapes

Chemcassette tapes are individually formulated for a specific gas or family of gases. Each Chemcassette tape is a proprietary chemical reagent system that acts as both a trapping and analysis medium, detecting and measuring ppb/ppm amounts of target gas with excellent sensitivity and response speed. Each Chemcassette tape is gas tested to assure proper response when installed in-field in a Honeywell Analytics/MDA Scientific gas Detector.

General Specifications

Detection Technique

  • Chemcassette tape-based with advanced self monitoring optics design


  • Height: 13.2 in. (33.6 cm); Width: 7.2 in. (18.3 cm); Depth without handle: 6.4 in. (16.3 cm); Depth with handle: 9.5 in. (24.1 cm)


  • 9.1 lbs. (4.1 kg)

Mounting screws

  • Concrete: 5/16 in x 2 in vibration-resistant stud anchor for concrete (McMaster-Carr 94475A185 or equivalent), add 0.25 in. to length when mounting bracket with sun shield Wood: 5/16 in. x 2 in. flange head lag screw for wood (McMaster-Carr 95526A375 or equivalent), add 0.25 in. to length when mounting bracket with sun shield

Battery type

  • Lithium ion

Battery life

  • Approximately 70% of its original capacity after 300 full charge/discharge cycles

Operating Temperature

  • 0ºC to 40ºC for most gases/applications

Operating Humidity

  • 0-100% RH for unit (Sample RH limited per tape/calibration). Sample line requires additional hardware to remove moisture in high RH conditions where condensing may occur. The sample must be non-condensing. Dry conditions may require humidification.

Flow System

  • Automatic flow control with bypass system, 250 or 500 cc/min at tape, higher flow at inlet to reduce sample time (internal bypass system); sample up to 100 ft

Local Alarms/Status

  • Visual: LEDs for alarm, normal condition and fault Audible: User selectable: Off, Low ~75 dB at 1 m, Medium ~85 dB at 1 m, High >90 dB at 1 m


  • 4 large buttons, 3.5 in. Color LCD TFT display, web server

Data Logging

  • Rolling up to 3 months (15 sec. with no gas reading, 1 sec. when reading gas), Event history (1500 events – approx. 1 year)

Maximum inlet/outlet pressure differential

  • The overall maximum load on the pump between the inlet and the exhaust should not exceed 10 inches H2O 


  • 250 V, 6 A maximum

Wire gauges

  • Minimum: 24; Maximum: 14


  • 2.0 or later

Indoor/outdoor use?

  • Both (the power supply is indoor only) Operating Altitudes -1,000 to 3,000 ft. above sea level: standard; 3,000 ft. to 6,000 ft. above sea level: requires adjustment by Honeywell Analytics

Ingress Protection rating

  • IP65

External switch or circuit breaker requirement

  • Meet or exceed all local codes and regulations (description & location)

Ventilation requirements

  • Mount with no obstructions within 4 in. (10 cm) of either side or within 2 in. (5 cm) above and below the detector

Electrical Power supply

  • Universal Line powered (90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz) for battery charger & non-classified use. Battery: 6+ hours under typical conditions – acts as battery back-up in fixed applications

Power consumption

  • ~1.9 A at 24 VDC (including battery-charging current)


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