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IRISS IR Window 18" w/ Environmental Locking Cover

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IRISS IR Window 18" w/ Environmental Locking Cover


IRISS IR Window 18" w/ Environmental Locking Cover

The exclusive pharmaceutical-grade reinforced Poly-View System polymer allows any thermography camera to monitor completely undisturbed asserts inside energized electrical equipment in the visual, UV, and shortwave, mid-wave, and longwave IR spectrums.


Versatile & Durable
The CAP-ENV is sized at 4”, 6”, 12”, 18" or 24” is the strongest and largest standard infrared (IR) window on the market. It is currently the only IR window that has passed the IEC 62271-200 arc flash test that subjected it to a blast with a duration twice as long as the certification required.

Fixed and Stable Transmission (FAST)
The CAP-ENV infrared (IR) window will maintain a fixed and stable IR transmission throughout its lifetime, withstanding water, ultrasonic frequencies, and will not degrade over time.

Poly-View System Technology
The exclusive industrial-grade, reinforced Poly-View System™ polymer allows any thermographic camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside electrical equipment. Our patented polymer allows multi-band IR along with ultraviolet (UV) and visual inspections.

Unparalleled Field of View
The larger rectangular viewing area of the CAP-ENV infrared (IR) window provides an unparalleled field of view (FOV) when compared to traditional round IR windows.

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