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Amprobe DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer

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Amprobe DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer


  • Full Analysis with Included Software: Multiple data visualization options allow you to quickly visualize your recorded data to identify potential issues.
  • Graph peak energy demand Download Suite features a wide range of visual tools to view data quick and easy. Using the generic historical graph you can graph peak energy demand, see data over an extended time frame and zoom in and out to see data in a different view.
  • Copy and paste raw data and charts This software allows you to copy and paste data and graphs easily. Simply export raw data into an excel document or copy and paste graphs to print. The DM-5 software is simple and easy-to-use!
  • Visualize measurements separately and together: Quickly analyze your recorded data to identify potential issues with data visualization. See how data relates between different visualizations.
  • Quick Setup with On-Screen Guide: A step-by-step setup guide helps ensure you capture the right measurements.
  • Real-time remote monitoring on compatible PC devices via Bluetooth communication
  • Simultaneously measures power, harmonics, waveform, power quality (voltage: 3-channel, current: 4-channel)
  • Test parameters: voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, PF and frequency all on one screen.
  • Power quality events: Swell, Dip, Interruption, transients, Inrush current, and flicker.
  • Automatic recording with memory for up to 1,000 parameters at user defined intervals.
  • Comes complete with measurement accessories, PC software, and large carrying case.


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