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Honeywell Sensepoint Safe Area XCD

$2,364.00 - $2,604.00
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Honeywell Sensepoint Safe Area XCD

$2,364.00 - $2,604.00

Honeywell Sensepoint Safe Area XCD

$2,364.00 - $2,604.00

The Sensepoint XCD range provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, both indoors and outdoors. Users can modify detector operation using the LCD and magnet switches without ever needing to open the unit. This enables one-man, non-intrusive operation and reduces routine maintenance time and cost.

The Safe Area XCD with integrated horn and strobe allows the addition of audio and visual alarm indications to the XCD transmitter that incorporates relay outputs with 3/4" NPT threaded input ports. The Safe Area XCD includes the horn and light stack, 90° elbow, threaded nipple, strain relief, thread reducer, and a 0.67A 24VDC wall power supply. A stand alone solution for uncertified and general purpose areas.
• Warehouses/Shipping Areas
• Maintenance Garage
• Hospital/Ambulance Bay
• Battery Charging Rooms
• Plug and play operation (120VAC)
• No additional wiring required
• Combustible/toxic gas detection
• Integrated Horn/Strobe
• 3 x 5 amp relays

Safe Area XCD Stand Alone Detector

  • CAT 0-100% LEL with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-1
  • IR CH4 0-100% LEL with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-2
  • IR Prop 0-100% LEL with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-3
  • IR CO2 0-2% V/V with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-4
  • ECC O2 25% V/V with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-5
  • ECC H2S 0-50ppm with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-6
  • ECC CO 0-300ppm with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-7
  • ECC H2 0-1000ppm with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-8 
  • ECC NO2 0-10ppm with Horn/Strobe - SVIP3823-9


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